When travelling gets tough [A post from: The Rebel Cyclist]

Travelling is this broken world has it’s downsides and frustrations just like anything else in life.  From loneliness, to never being satisfied, to seeing the fallen-ness and suffering of humanity, and maybe even like my old housemate Dan, injury/pain.

Dan [the Rebel Cyclist] hails from Wesht Cork, lived with me a year while studying Finance at University College Cork, and now is cycling home from New Zealand for one year (among other things, to raise money for “Compassion”).

Having come home to Ireland briefly for a friend’s wedding in December, he headed back out to Thailand to resume cycling quite often over 100km per day.  Here’s a blog of his from that time:


or follow him on Instagram here

Dan Ross1

2 thoughts on “When travelling gets tough [A post from: The Rebel Cyclist]

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