Book review: Intentional (Williams, 10publishing)

intentionalWho needs another book on evangelism to tell us what we’ve all been doing wrong?  “Not me!” I (quite arrogantly) thought, having studied my apologetics to quite niche levels and hosted and taught at many Christian Persuader Days.

But the simplicity of such a small book, easily read in a couple of hours, struck me as a powerful reminder of something I’d been swaying away from in recent days.

I think I’ve spent so long in the nuanced university academic world that my tendency is always to answer so many questions of sceptics who are far from the Judeo-Christian worldview, that I don’t always get onto the crux of the Christian message.  I also see students who are so keen to show Christianity as NOT being like what the media portray it to be, or what people have experienced, that we often fail to get round to emphasising what evangelism is: a proclamation centring round his death and resurrection.

William’s book will be so helpful regarding that, with worked examples and an understanding of humanity, that I’d happily give it to my CU committees at the start of this year.  This isn’t a nuanced book that’ll help those who have friends with complex questions or are further back in their understanding of things, but it will bring us back to the basics, and make ordinary people be able to reach ordinary people, with the good news.  And for that reason, much as it’s not perfect, it’s a welcome addition to the books out there of this length.

(Again, I’m thankful to for providing me with a free review copy, but this in no way altered my review of it)