Unusual travel: The Battle of the Birds

Ornithology wouldn’t be my usual way to spend holidays, but with a couple of family members interested in birds, it was a fascinating lesson for me and surprisingly enjoyable in the end (despite my urge to always be on the move).  Partly helped by the fact that our best photos of some birds of prey (like the nesting osprey below) came from kayaks!


Arriving back in Cork, I visited Fota House and Gardens and was reminded of one of the highlights of the trip by seeing this great work “The Battle of the Birds” (17th century) by Frans Snyder.  At Loch Inch Marshes, we saw several birds of prey fighting and battling it out in the air in a stunning display.  A hen harrier chasing a heron, ravens mobbing buzzards and much more!  Just a pity I didn’t have a camera with me.  But I’d recommend taking holiday to do something different and mix with people you don’t normally share interests with – I learnt a lot!