Naples, Italy


Travel Postponed!  

With a few fractured bones round my eye from hockey training, and a rather sore head, I think photos are about the most I can do for the moment!  Here’s one from one of the universities in Napoli, where I was recently for work.  20 degrees celsius and November!  My delight at Naples was not quite equalled by concerns as the presence of the Mafia, was still all too real on the streets.

“Pizza….pizza for you.” came the voice through the buzzer at the bottom of the block of appartments.  The confident manner of the one speaking wasn’t matched by any evidence of pizza in his hands, or any others for that matter, who were congregated in a small group at the door.

“Uh, I didn’t order any pizza” came the response.

“Well it was probably your neighbour then, so do please open the door”….

…and we walked quickly on, not waiting to see the response.