Top Travel Songs (2)

Dido comes in at number one as previously mentioned, but here’s 8 more gems that I associate with travel!

Tracy’s aspirations of travel, as so often are, linked intricately to those you love.

Radical Face portray all the angst involved in deciding when is right to move on.  The moments are epic, but will they last?  The place is a keeper, but to settle there, immediately ruins it, no?

It’s another classic and a romantic favourite – I’ll do anything!  You can tell they walk out of the past decades.  Millennials today might walk one mile.  But then we’d probably re-examine whether the relationship was really worth it – walking is a hard slog!

If I could write songs like Johnny, I’d write an Irish equivalent…work and pelasure seems to have had me on every road in Ireland, motorway and country lane!  The world however?  To properly explore that would take an eternal age.  Just as well there’s one of those coming right up….

The long summer evenings in perfect company when the craic is mighty.  There are some moments that will be remembered for life.  This video, an advert though it is, speaks of those times.

And you?  What other songs strike travelling memories?

No doubt many that have nothing to do with travel, but were just on in those special times!