Travel through history

[‘Scuse the brief break from microadventures]

Any Christian who has been blogging for over a decade will know of Tim Challies. He’s one of the “original” bloggers within the evangelical world.

I approached him to write a recommendation for “Travel: in tandem with God’s heart“, while he was travelling and working on this project (below). He was very kind, and despite tenuous connections, agreed to do something for me, just before he was struck down by a (temporary) physical ailment which made things hard for him to write and keep up his blogging and many other things for months. Thankfully, he came back to health, but I didn’t quite feel comfortable to chase him for a recommendation.

But the project he’d been working on, was travel-related too. How by travelling, we can get a feel of the global church, and see how God has been at work over all of Church history.

I’ve mentioned before how much I struggled with history at school. But I agree with Tim, that travel has made it come alive for me. And now thanks to his series, we can explore church history through the lens of travel, while we are isolated at home. I believe the video series can be paid for online, or you can (like me so far) just enjoy each episode trailer released free online too.

Great to see someone else who likes to #travelintandem !

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