15 Microadventures for April lockdown

Many of you will have come across Al Humphreys’ helpful short introduction to “Microadventure”s below, but I wanted to take up the gauntlet laid down by all those around the country who are crying that they are bored in their houses in this Coronavirus lockdown. To alleviate our boredom, I’m going to suggest 15 days of microadventures in April. And to help fuel ideas, record experiences and enjoy it, I’ll be recording 15 microadventure ideas and stories (linked) here on this blog post which you can come back to if you want some inspiration.

But what is a microadventure?

(One other response might be to tell those crying over such “boredom” to “suck-it-up” as many in other lands would happily take boredom over their ‘choice’ to die by hunger, or die from the virus. But in the spirit of staying friends with everyone, and in the very real battle of many of my friends with mental health issues, I guess that 30 days of Microadventures may be a better way to help us in our more bored moments!)

The difference about our Microadventures of the coming 30 days, will be that we have the unfortunate travel limits of 2 kilometres in the south of Ireland, and in the north, although technically legal to do more than that, it is not appreciated by the emergency services if we start climbing mountains (for risk of needing rescued or touching styles/gates), filling cars with petrol (which involves shared surfaces which may transmit the virus) or other things which may cause risk. And much as some lucky friends of mine have just moved to the foot of local hills, most of the rest of us are stuck with the city streets around us. Our adventures must not just be physical ones this time.

So please send me any of your suggestions. Remember, they don’t necessarily need to be the world’s hardest adventures – I’m hoping they’ll be accessible to most of us, whether 12 years old or 60.

What microadventures can you think of, that we could do in lockdown?

Here’s a few that came to my mind, that I might include, that were inspired by Al and others.

  • a night in a Bivvy bag (or a tent) in the garden
  • walk one usual route in your area, but keep an eye out for any birds or other species we can learn about locally – take photos if you can!
  • read a short fantasy novel to take you on an adventure into another world
  • write a short story of a memorable adventure you’ve been on in the past that you think others might enjoy reading
  • walk one usual route in your area, but keep an eye out for any plants, flowers or trees that catch your eye but you don’t know about – take photos.
  • paint a picture of one of the plants you’ve seen on your walk another day
  • an evening watching a stunning documentary about nature or adventure (online)
  • turn off your phone and all electronic screens for one day – enjoy being present with others, or by yourself for the day in all you do
  • let a housemate or friend (online) pick 4 random ingredients that remain in your cupboard (having not been to the shop for a week) and see if you can make something for dinner from them

So that’s just a few ideas of mine to get you started – I hope to update this post (bookmark it!) with each idea as it happens. But I’d love to hear more from you – let me know! Perhaps you could even guest-post an idea or a microadventure you’ve taken during this lockdown season.

Not sure these are all truly adventures? Think the idea is a little naff?

Well, I hope these are the type of adventures that leave us as rounded humans, not exceedingly gifted in one area (physical ability) but lacking in character, curiosity, imagination or awareness of others in the world.

Adventure is a state of mind, a spirit of trying something new and leaving your comfort zone. It’s about enthusiasm, ambition, open-mindedness and curiosity.

Al Humphreys, Microadventures
Walking past the same market stalls each day, but recognising the small changes!

So yes, the month ahead will frustrate us all at some point. We’ll all probably struggle with how simple some parts are, how impossible other parts seems, how little motivation we have to do some of the ideas we don’t connect with, or how much we still struggle to control our craving for what people like me can sometimes falsely deem “real” adventure.

But amidst the frustrations, challenges and learning about ourselves and the world around us, I hope it’ll forge time to savour and enjoy even the horrible season that our world has been plunged into.

Could the cry of our lockdown experience be not “I’m bored”, but instead “what a wonderful world!”?

Could the cry of our lockdown experience be not “I’m bored”, but instead “what a wonderful world!”?

And for me, whose curiosity is driven by the awareness of doing life with the Maker of the Universe beside me and within me, I might also add some thoughts on these adventures from the perspective of a Jesus-follower as we #travelintandem with Him. But you’ll have your reasons, motivations and reflections during this month too, so don’t be afraid to share them!

So let’s pack our bags and get started…

….are you joining us?

Remember to bookmark this post, as I’ll be updating it each day with a new microadventure idea, or someone’s story or how they got on with another microadventure.

  1. Microadventure day 1: failure!
  2. Microadventure day 2: sleeping outside
  3. Microadventure day 3: a walk into the unknown
  4. Microadventure day 4: Voices from round the world
  5. Microadventure day 5: Nightfall
  6. Microadventure day 6: Curiosity killed the cat
  7. Microadventure day 7: Pushing Boundaries
  8. Microadventure day 8: After Darkness, Light
  9. Microadventure day 9: The birds and the bees
  10. Microadventure day 10: Finding colour
  11. Microadventure day 11: Fighting Zoombies
  12. Microadventure day 12: Imagination: Socially Distant Discos
  13. Microadventure day 13: Seeing Opportunity in Adversity
  14. Microadventure day 14:
  15. Microadventure day 15:

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