Travelling from Home (with kids)


Travel can seem so hard with kids, especially when they’re small and just getting their shoes on can seem like you’re trying to wrangle an octopus hyped up on biscuits and juice, let alone organizing your gear for a week long adventure. But travel and learning about the world doesn’t have to be hard (or involve manic eight-legged beasts); and it can be fun and take place in the comfort of your own home or classroom.



From what to wear when it’s cold outside and adding numbers together when buying food, to cooking and baking in the kitchen and reading or writing, little people living in a big world have so much to learn. This is where the idea for Little Learning Adventures : Adventure Packs and Gear Packs all started. Combining the basic knowledge of life like maths, science, social studies, reading, etc. with the exciting parts of travelling, the Packs engage your little people in a fun, hands on learning adventure about the world we live in. The Packs are a fun differentiated mini curriculum subscription box filled with hands on learning activities and games.



Begin with your STARTER PACK filled with all your reusable Gear and one Adventure Pack. Use the two together to complete your adventure and learn about a country, place, or moment in time. Then, receive your next ADVENTURE PACK and reuse your gear from your STARTER PACK to learn more maths, sports, reading, and writing through the engaging activities filled with play! From Ireland or Morocco to China or Italy, the adventures are endless.


Each ADVENTURE PACK includes local map puzzle activities, a recipe card with a dish or dessert to try, vocabulary and landmark games with bright pictures to learn about the culture being explored, local musical and sports expeditions with videos to watch and online games to play, and so many more exciting activities. Each activity is differentiated, meaning it has 3 levels of learning, making it perfect for classrooms and home schooling families and works great for kids aged 4-10.



The STARTER PACK and ADVENTURE PACK boxes are filled with all the printed and laminated Gear and Adventure Pack activities ready for you to cut out and begin your learning adventure. Also included is a detailed instructions booklet with pictures and activity directions and any additional ideas needed to aid in the learning adventure. Both the STARTER PACKS and ADVENTURE PACKS are available for printable downloads in the Etsy shop for a lower price (see link below).


1| Collect badges and fill in your passport 2| Learn map skills 3| Navigate your way to learn about directions and transports 4| Understand calendar concepts 5| Pack your bags and learn about the weather 6| Bake a new recipe, learn about money and maths while exploring the local market 7| Go sightseeing with a fun matching game 8| explore the culture through  local vocabulary 9| Learn about local music and instruments 10| Find native animals in a fun lotto game 11| Eat Healthy and learn about how sport athletes stay fit 12| Play local themed educational games 13| Learn the local lingo and greetings in new languages

Living in the country as a child, I’ve always loved to create and go on adventures in my backyard forest. My mother taught us to be creative and find fascination with the world around us. My mother soon became a teacher of little people and I soon went to college to study architecture and begin my own adventure, including the pursuit of knowing the One who made all things. While studying abroad, I met my husband and within three years of being married, we had three energetic kids of our own (who are nothing short of three lively octopi). Going on hikes and finding leaves or animal tracks as a child sparked a desire to instil that sense of wonder of the world, and the One who made it, in my children. So I began to create, and with the help of my patient mother and our Creator, the packs started to take form. As I saw the joy that filled my children’s eyes as they played through the Little Learning Adventures, the desire to share them with other parents, teachers and little people began to grow. Let’s be adventurers together.


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[This is a guest post by Stephanie.  You’ll be able to find all her amazing resources for children and the family at my travel roadshow events in the coming months.  And more will be released each month ahead, so why not connect yourself to her social media (or mine) to know when they’re released!  In the meantime you can order your copy of my book here and there’s free UK postage.  Irish orders soon available from here]

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