On health and travel

Travel is often seen as a survival of the fittest.  The most capable individuals travel, and those who can’t stomach it?  Condemned to life at home.

But here, a friend from back in Belfast writes of how health issues (even longterm ones) don’t have to stop life.  Because life in this broken world is life with suffering.  Not life until we suffer.

Why not read what she’s written here?  And soon, we’ll have some other thoughts from those who either can’t travel because they’re disabled or because they care for disabled people full-time.  Where in a theology of travel do they fit in?

I have umm-ed and aah-ed about whether to write this post, how to write it, where to begin. But sitting here with the closest thing to hindsight I’ve had in a while, I have some thoughts (which may or may not make any sense!), so here goes… Life on pause — what does that look like,…


One thought on “On health and travel

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