Arrival and journeying in Hebrews

In my “quiet times” (times set aside each day to spend with God, not opposed to the constant communion with Him each hour), I’ve been looking at Hebrews recently.  In “The Perfect Saviour” (Griffiths, IVP, 2012), Peter Walker notes that Hebrews is filled both with arrival terminology (something has already happened) and journeying terminology (something keeps on happening).

Certain Christian theologies have a tendency to focus on one or the other, but here in Hebrews, the author deliberately alternates between the two to keep motivating the believer, as well as giving confidence to the believer in what has already happened.  Like so much of the Bible it’s a paradox.  A tension that needs held in correct proportion.

Words of Comfort             Words of Challenge

1:1-14                                     2:1-4
2:5-18                                     3:1 – 4:13
4:14 – 5:10                              5:11 – 6:8
6:9 – 10:25                              10:26 – 31
10:32 – 11.40                          12:1-21
12:22-24                                 12:25 – 29
13:1-8                                     13: 9-14

(taken directly from page 110)

I think there’s a richness in this tension.  The beauty of coming in a posture of learning and growth at all times.  The joy and confidence in coming to a finished work that has already happened.

I hope you can revel in both too, both individually and as the community of believers around you.  May we learn to dive deeper into both sides of this paradox.  Happy journeying!


An object of journeying that has arrived, spotted along the Copper Coast last week.


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