Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie, Pink Floyd and “the” cave

And here it is: “the” cave.


It’s part of a 22 mile tunnel system built out of the chalk earth in Chislehurst, Kent (England).  Named after druids, Romans and Saxons, there’s actually not so much evidence that these date back the huge number of centuries that the guides suggest, but it’s a nice story.

But more importantly than history (for what did history ever teach us??), this cave supposedly was the host of many a good gig, as pirate radio station “Caroline” hosted many an underground (quite literally) concert to hundreds of fans.  Since being made a legal venue (and the derivation of said station being caught, though still finishing with a Jimi Hendrix double header even after that), many continue to have used it until 1994.  Sadly legislation on alcohol (none allowed) and numbers (only 250 allowed in all 22 miles at once) mean that little happens outside of official tours and re-enactments, today.

But it’s got me thinking.  There’s plenty that could still go on in here…



An old church-like venue in the caving system.  It was an underground system used in the World Wars as refuge from the bombing in London for many thousand people.

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