Airline Baggage top tip!

Seemingly gone are the days of stingy airlines who’d measure every ounce of your luggage and fine you big amounts.  The regulations are still there, but for whatever reason (answers on a postcard please), I’ve had no trouble within the last 18 months walking on with some ridiculous amounts of hand luggage across most airlines.

WIN_20160702_115603Last night on a packed flight back from Spain I managed this one: an oversized mountain rucksack filled to over-capacity, and a normal rucksack (25 litre?) also filled to the brim.  For the price of a little nervousness approaching each boarding queue, I save £35 each time.  How?

  • Having one bag slung over your (one) shoulder always looks like it’s nothing.  It can’t be fully seen by anyone checking your boarding pass anyway.
  • Having the other “laptop” bag in your hand as if it were really a laptop bag.
  • Sometimes if you’ve yet to check-in before the airport, you can even get the bigger bag checked in free into the hold just by telling them it’s hand luggage.  You lose any nerves coming up to the boarding queue, though you do have to wait after the flight for it!
  • Smiling sweetly and making pleasant conversation – being human is always a fair shout.

I reckon I’ll be stopped 1 in 10 times.  But that’s £50 instead of £350 if I’d booked in luggage every time, so I’m happy!  And all this is assuming you have need of more luggage abroad…perhaps I’m just not a light packer!

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