Books, travelling and Alsager Book Emporium

I always find it hard travelling.  I mean, how many books can I take with me?  I’m normally (if flying,) on hand luggage only and away for a maximum of two weeks.  How many books could I read in that time?  Undoubtedly I pack too many.

Even worse if on your travels, you come across an incredible den like this near Crewe, which claims to have 10,000 (I reckon far more) cheap, second hand books to chose from in such variety of genres.  In here for under one hour with some friends (thanks to Luke Cawley) and I was offered tea twice, listened to some background live organ music while I browsed and bought two books (Lonely Planet’s “best of 2016” guide for 50 pence and Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “Cost of Discipleship” for a quid).

What a find!  Now just to find a coffee shop up here in Ardersier in the Scottish Highlands to pretend to read them, while I watch local life and nature pass by on the shore.  Travelling always makes for good reading.

Alsager book emporium

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